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Meet Kat

"The sheer amount of food we move during the drive-thru food pantry brings me so much joy because it is physical evidence that we are helping so many people along with reducing food waste."

Kat joined the NVCS volunteer corps in August 2020. Frustrated with being “cooped up” inside during the pandemic, she turned her attention to food insecurity by volunteering at several food distribution sites last summer. Kat helps run the mini food pantry at New Economics for Women and distributes food at the drive-thru food pantry. She credits a strong team of veteran volunteers that keeps distribution moving smoothly, even on tough days with a skeleton crew.

Volunteering at NVCS has taught Kat a lot about the obstacles facing the families we serve. She cites the difficulties encountered by families experiencing food and housing insecurity as they try to navigate support systems; she credits our services in helping them receive the greatest aid possible. Kat believes that it is vital to create sustainable solutions to benefit and empower families, in part by focusing on the types of assistance that have the greatest impact on their well-being.

Kat is amazed at the obvious impact NVCS has on our community. She says that sometimes volunteering at NVCS feels like hard work, but her advice to those considering it is that you will feel “more rewarded than anything,” and you won’t regret it.

Help us fight food insecurity in the SFV by volunteering at our Food Pantry! To sign up to volunteer, or for more information, please contact Silvia at or 818-891-0481 x1020


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