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"How can I help?"

North Valley Caring Services (NVCS) offers a wide array of programs to enable individuals to lift themselves out of poverty, while also encouraging them to build a more positive vision of their community's future. If you are looking for meaningful ways to give back in your community, please consider getting involved at NVCS through one of the opportunities listed below.​


  • Serve a meal

Volunteer in our Breakfast Program be helping prepare and serve a warm meal to local homeless and hungry families.

  • Be a tutor

Provide homework help in our Afterschool Youth Program once a week.​

  • Plan a drive

Collect nonperishable food, back towels (semi-used or new), socks, hygiene items (travel size), coats, and school supplies.

  • Host an event at your home

Invite friends to come and learn about NVCS and how they make a difference. ​

  • Introduce your friends to NVCS

Identify individuals ​who would be interested in the work NVCS does and bring them for a tour, event, or put them in contact with NVCS' Executive Director, Manny Flores.

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